Master Stone Craft

"Things that are difficult we do right away, things that are impossible we do in few days"

Stone craft

State-Of-The-Art Master Stone Craft

Contact International Artistic Stone Inc when you need a cozy fireplace to spend winter evenings with your family. 

From custom-made limestone veneer to stone ornaments, you can count on our trained masons for top-quality stonework. Contact us for FREE on-site consultations!

A Wide Range of Stone Craft Made From Limestone, Coral, or Marble

•  Custom fireplaces
•  Custom fountains
•  Custom pool copings
•  Custom pots
•  Custom carvings
•  Custom sculptures
•  Custom ornaments
•  Custom balusters
•  Custom window / door trims
•  Custom veneers and elevations
•  Custom family crests

A Wide Range of Stone Countertops Made From Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Coral, and Quartz

•  Kitchens
•  Bathrooms
•  Laundry
•  Outdoor kitchens
•  Bars
FREE on-site consultations!
Call us at 941-923-7080.
We use latest technologies for our master stone craft work.
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